Level 1 Award in Spirits

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The WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits is a gentle introduction to spirits, spirits service and cocktail making covering the most important spirit styles and brands.

It is aimed at absolute beginners, most candidates will have just taken their first job in the spirits industry. It is ideal for front-of-house staff, bartenders, sommeliers and retail assistants.

Successful candidates will be able to communicate knowledgeably with customers and operate confidently during spirits service.


  1. Tasting of a range of the most important spirits styles and brands including gin, whisky, rum, vodka and brandy.
  2. An introduction to the most important cocktail recipes.

The course can be completed in 1 day and concludes with a 45 minute, 30 multiple choice question examination.

The Level 1 Award in Spirits is available as a private course and can be held on your business premises for groups of 6 or more.

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If you’re wondering whether Level 1 is right for you, have a go at the following questions that you might find in a Level 1 examination:

1. Whisky is made from?

a) Grapes

b) Molasses

c) Barley

d) Potatoes

2. What is the main botanical used in the production of gin?

a) Lemongrass

b) Coriander

c) Vanilla

d) Juniper

3. Which of the following spirits is made from grapes?

a) Rum

b) Whisky

c) Tequila

d) Cognac

If you knew the answers to these questions then maybe Level 2 would be more suitable:

WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits